Synchronicity, evolution and altered states of consciousness

Most therapies will use/draw upon some type of enhanced awareness practice for healing purposes, and this would necessarily take both practitioner and client into an altered space – we could call this level of consciousness, or plane. The levels of understanding about this space are varied – some drawing on various wisdom traditions and others on so-called New Age techniques, such as energy healing, and others working still within the understandings of the world religions to provide some type of framework or holding for these experiences. What is clear about such approaches is that often they work, even though there is no scientific explanation for them.


The growth of these alternative healing methods has taken place against the backdrop of a breakdown in collective consensual reality – that is to say a human view of reality that has stabilised over a certain period of time. We could say that this breakdown began with Einstein’s postulation of general relativity: in this time and space did not exist as separate elements in which human action and relationship took place, but were relatively defined by the objects and actions in space themselves.

This was accompanied by the dawn of post-modernism, where such concepts as truth, beauty or justice were merely relative realities, shaped by the desires and conditioning of the individual human being. What was true for one human being was not so for another necessarily, so there was no point in finding a set of values that could apply generally. The human being was elevated to the isolated pinnacle of evolutionary mechanisms – a place of utter despair and disconnectedness characterised and reinforced by the superficialities and greed of consumer capitalism. Philosophy, metaphysics, any grand theory could not account for reality, and the relationships for a consensual reality broke down everywhere, and fundamentally in families and between men and women. The current state is one of chaos: this chaos, can be represented by the experience of the internet – where much of the world’s knowledge is strewn over the net, as if a wild animal has run through humanity’s library.

Out of chaos of course, comes new form, new order. But not yet.

In this chaos, those who benefit from the old order, or who cannot bear uncertainty have had to flex their muscles to retain the old. Thus the outpouring of violence, of more and more rigid ways of attempting to keep things as they have been for several centuries, with their traditional power dynamics. Characteristic of this are the actions of traditionalists such as Michael Gove or the rantings of Richard Dawkins who seek to shut down any movement for change. It is also manifest in the politic and social systems. However, seeking to maintain the old is as blind as the South Americans who failed even to perceive the Spanish galleys as they came over the horizon. There is a revolution happening in front of our very eyes, but most people are ignoring it.


There is a seething cauldron of new energies and form waiting to emerge – and if these new energies cannot find any pathways, then they will erupt into consciousness anyway. That will be a more painful alternative! Many practitioners are beginning to tap into these energies at a more conscious level, and working with them to effect healing upon themselves and on others.

So what are these altered spaces/planes/levels of consciousness/energies that seem to arise in different healing environments? Do they have an objective reality, or are they merely subjective states that arise from some type of relationship or experience? Can they be categorised – or are they merely miracles that seem to occur out of our current space/time understanding? A pointer to understand this both from a spiritual, therapeutic and physical level comes from the psychologist Carl Jung whose pioneering work on synchronicity broke open some of the channels to these altered levels of consciousness. His work drew as much on the traditions and approaches of the past, as it did on modern findings in psychology and physics. This is the key to understanding these levels of consciousness.


Much wisdom is contained in the past, and has been lost from our current experience; a synthesis and re-articulation, that includes the discoveries of modern science will provide a new seedbed for the future. Unlike the traditionalists, who seek to recreate the past, because it is familiar, the task of humanity is to explore many of these lost traditions/techniques and bring them through into a new form that will serve the stage that humanity has reached in a collective evolution. This will involve understanding processes such as thinking, neuroscience, synchronicity, spirituality, emotionality and their relationship to the world that we create, laying a foundation for a sustainable future. It is fractal thinking: the analysis of patterns. This will involve new understandings of the relationship between the subjective and objective world, and creating different ways of relating with ourselves, with one another, with the planet and with the cosmos. As these different approaches begin to coalesce, the nihilism of post-modernism will be overcome by forces for positive growth – though how these will emerge is still a miraculous mystery.

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