New course at the Greek Astrology School: Evolving the soul – a path for our time

A unique integration of astrology, I Ching and mindfulness

How can we make sense of the current chaos in the world?
How can we find meaning in our individual lives?
What do we need to do to nourish ourselves and find fulfillment?

Our age is characterized by a disconnection and lack of belonging. This is caused by a scientific viewpoint that has taken away our felt connection with the cosmos.

Using ancient practices and modern insights we will discover pathways to re-engage with the cosmos. We will study the birthchart as a blueprint for the soul’s journey, combining this with a study of the I Ching that, according to Jung, is ‘a formidable psychological system’. Furthermore, it evokes an entire cosmological pattern of the interplay of matter and mind that reflects the nature of the ‘field’ in quantum theory – modern science meets ancient wisdom. These will be supported by an introduction to simple mindful practices to reinforce this potent pathway.

This unique integration of these old and brand new understandings can shine illumination on, and bring meaning to, our everyday lives as we move through a period of transition.

In this workshop, you will discover:
• how to read the birthchart to discover your potential
• how to work with the I Ching on a daily basis to help release this potential
• how to contextualize this within a mindful practice to reflect upon and reinforce this pathway.

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Evolving the Soul Course at the Greek Astrology School, Lefkada,