The nature of thinking: path towards love

In true thinking, also known as mindfulness, one is connecting the invisible supersensory world  (cosmic thinking) as it flows through the body in response to internal and external events,  through awareness of  emotion, feeling sensation, cognition. Multiple layers of being. Multiple dimensions. Inner and outer flow together.   Woven through the spiral of time, deepening into a source reflecting the  world’s soul as it manifests in the mundane. Thinking is the continuous flow from the past to the future, and the future to the past. Coming into being and dying. Time and space dissolve, just as the contours of the inner physical body lose their rigidity.

In holding and strengthening this, one connects with one’s own will, recognising its potential for bridging both the universal and the personal. The will is the effort to harness these powerful forces, seeing them within cycles of time, recognising the patterns of one’s own being, and the patterns of the world as they arise and die away. Constantly returning to this experience of  reflecting the external world as it arises in emotions, sensations, desires, the inner world transforms into one of intuitive connection, of peace – of love.