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Incubatio is engaged in exploring different understandings of healing, therapy and spirituality. These are based not on belief systems or techniques – but on concentrated observation of change in the natural world.

Knowledge of these evolutionary processes is enfolded within ancient wisdom traditions, and is validated by a growing consilience across disciplines such as evolutionary biology, physics, and neuroscience and consciousness studies. This emergent field can be called ‘holonomic’ – one which follows a natural law of ‘wholes’.

The fundamental method is to explore ‘field’ energies either with individuals or groups, recognising that there are multi-levels of existence, both physical and non-substantial which are connected. By bringing mindful awareness to these fields an individual can reconnect with their ancestors, their society, their families, their bodies and souls, to recover what has been excluded or lost in consciousness. By establishing relationships in this way, human beings are brought back into meaningful connection with their past, and by so doing gain insight into the future.

CaduceusJust as a seed contains the DNA for healthy growth, the human being contains within themselves all that is needed for flowering and abundance. The Incubatio approach is based on the recognition of a simple, yet highly complex change process, common to all living forms: remembering; incubation; and metamorphosis. In this process, nothing gets lost, opposites are reconciled and from this tension a new harmony emerges at a different level.

This can be considered a necessary step moving individuals onto a richer level of being in an evolutionary process. As Plato noted, healing is a process of ‘remembering’ – of transforming what has happened in the past to a new relationship: The Incubatio approach provides a compassionate container for this in all of its manifestations.

Three of the greatest thinkers in the 20th century began their first published works about shame. This has not yet been fully explored due to the intrinsic, hidden  nature of shame. This article , prepared for Matrix Counselling, begins to explore some of the reasons for this, and how it can be worked with in therapy.

Shame and Interpersonal Rupture

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