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Incubatio chronicles provide a record of and crucible for the language and practices of an emergent consciousness. Whilst the ground is literally being taken from under our feet, we are forced to ask deeper questions of ourselves and what it means to be human in the 21st century. As a species, we are groping towards new ways of relating and living, with consciousness expanding towards a changed cosmological perspective. These resources bring together the practices and insights of some of those working at the edge of their disciplines, or as pioneers in their fields of activity, whether these be spiritual, intellectual, practical or business.These people are furrowing pathways of conscious living that mirror the relationship between an inner world and outer world, illuminating the road into the unknown. They are divided into the outer world (evolution of human systems) and the inner world (evolution of consciousness), to reflect the interconnected nature of the whole through different lenses of perception and action.

Guest article by László Mireisz, founder of the Buddhist University and Javas School in Hungary – first published in the Zen Mirror magazine in Hungary

The Guru of the Digital Galaxy

Here is some more information on the workshop ‘Evolving the Soul’ to be held on the beautiful island of Lefkada in Greece in May:

Evolving the Soul Course at the Greek Astrology School, Lefkada,

NEW – Seeding the old in the new: the invisible, living threads of tradition

Article written for Laszlo Mireisz’s 70th birthday who has established the Buddhist University in Hungary, and the ‘Javas’ school in over 40 years of teaching and writing:
Seeding the old in the new – the living, invisible threads of the traditions

Evolution of consciousness and alchemical processes

The alchemy of consciousness

Article on ‘Shame, Interpersonal Rupture and Development’ for Matrix Training, 2016.

This explores the importance of ‘shame’ in sociological and psychological disciplines, but how it have become ignored. It can be seen as the ‘royal road to self-realisation’.

Shame and Interpersonal Rupture

For those interested in astrology, here are some ideas of where shame may manifest within the blueprint of the astrological chart:

Shame, the 12th House and Chiron

Some introductory material for the ‘Transformative Work’ workshop taking place at the EWS on 23 April

Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness Practices

Latest article from talk given to Jungian circle:

Jung and synchronicity

Selection of latest Interconnections articles

Crossing the theory/practice divide: the emergence of a new worldview and its implications for business education: Interconnections 1 (Bronwen Rees)

Mindful economy and ecology: Interconnections 2 (Joel Magnuson)

Cultural lag and limits to growth: Interconnections 7 (Joel Magnuson)

Making global sustainability happen: Interconnections 1 (David Arkell)

Leadership, community and spirituality in a public health context :Interconnections 9 (Attila Vegh)

Wisdom at Work: Interview with Rich Fernandez of Google:Interconnections 9 (Rich Fernandez)

Latest full  issue of Interconnections: Wisdom at Work: Capitalism in Transition :Interconnections 9

Articles and slides from latest talks and workshops

Buddhism and science: healing ancestral patterns: Cambridge Science Festival Talk, 2014 Bloom Applied Sustainability conference, Toronto, October 2014 Bloom conference

Ancient wisdom: new science and the dreaming consciousness: Talk given for Cambridge  Festival of Ideas, 2012

For reviews of Inner Peace, Global Impact book go to:

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