bronwen reesDr Bronwen Rees

Ideas pioneer • Spiritual researcher • Depth psychotherapist

I have been working for over 20 years inquiring into the relationship between individual and organisation through my work as researcher, writer and psychotherapist guided by my spiritual practice. This has taken me to the edge of the thinking and practice in these areas, to challenge the consequences of an unquestioning acceptance of scientific method without on-going revision of metaphysical or ethical issues.

To explore this further, I created three cornerstones of work and inquiry:

Centre for Transformational Management Practice

I spent 12 years leading a research team at Anglia Ruskin University, examining the nature of power in organisations, and finding practical ways of instigating sustainable and ethical change. I pioneered research into meditation in business and other community contexts, designing a research programme from 2002 to trial different methods in different contexts. Under my supervision, mature Ph.D students have developed radical methods for inquiring at depth into areas such as: the nature of ‘ontology of inquiry’; chaos in organisations; emotions at work; sustainable business; and into the potential traumatic nature of educational institutions.


I founded the journal Interconnections, dedicated to building an international network of thinkers, academics and activists which questions the nature of current business practice and works towards sustainable change.

East West SanctuaryEast West Sanctuary, Budapest Hungary

In 2006 I founded the East West Sanctuary, Centre of Evolutionary Inquiry near Budapest, Hungary. This is a place for the co-inquiry into the nature of spiritual reality, and its relationship to economic and social systems.

I have published widely, been invited to teach and give talks, workshops and retreats around the globe, and lead international teams in this work, bringing it alive in different contexts. My developing understanding is that real inquiry needs the immersion of the researcher in the context, taking action, and reflecting upon this in a deepening spiral of inquiry and action.

I am passionate about the need for depth collaboration across cultures and nations, and spiritual traditions, and inspired to be part of an increasingly visible and influential network of thinkers and activists compassionately working towards a more harmonious future.

The fruits of my work are now collected under the Incubatio vehicle, in order to take the work to the next stage evolutionary stage.

Bronwen Rees publications

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