East West SanctuaryEast West Sanctuary

East West Sanctuary was set up by Bronwen in 2006 to create a place of inquiry into the evolving spiritual practices and academic study.

It is at once a symbolic and practical manifestation of the opening dialogue between the East and the West and a ground for the emergence of new ways of living. Here, in the heart of central Europe, spiritual practitioners of all traditions gather with scholars and academics to collaborate in furthering the growth and dissemination of new ideas. It has held seminars to explore the development of a Buddhist university, and in the evolving of economic ideas. Much of this has been published in the journal Interconnections.

Alongside the international seminars, it has run retreats and workshops in meditation, psychotherapy training, astrological courses and also in the Javas tradition – the school set up by Dr Mireisz Laszlo which combines hermetic, eastern, Buddhist and Hungarian traditions. Laszlo founded the Buddhist university in Budapest over 20 years ago, and is the spiritual adviser at the East West Sanctuary.

It works within the community providing classes and a facility for learning new practices.

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