Mindfulness training for therapists

Deep mindfulness


Weekend 1: Mindfulness revisited: origins, practices, evolution and relation to modern science.Day 1 Practices and history

Day 2 Mindfulness in relationship

Weekend 2: Mindfulness and the arising self: memory and meaning

Day 1 Self as process

Day 2 Mindfulness as making and creating meaning in the healing of trauma

Weekend 3 Beyond mindfulness: developing presence in the field

Day 1 Healing of intergenerational trauma through memory reconsolidation

Day 2 Understanding shame through mindfulness

We will be working experientially through exercises, triad work and supervision throughout the 3 weekends. There will be on-going practice between the weekends to embed the practice

At the end of the training, participants will:

• understand the origins, evolution and current methods of mindfulness

• understand processes of embodiment through mindfulness

• know how to read the ‘field’ of interconnectedness

• understand the interconnections between scientific approaches and mindfulness

• understand how deep mindfulness can heal intergenerational trauma

• learn how to help their clients develop mindful awareness in their daily lives